About Us

Junkiri Nepal is a non-profit, non government organization (NGO) making its constant effort on ensuring child education with remote school development project at rural areas of Nepal. We 
also aim to work hand on hand with other health related NGOs in bringing positive impact on developing children health sector at those areas who really need our help. Junkiri Nepal is an 
autonomous, independent and politically non-partisan organization governed by its own constitution. Junkiri Nepal has prepared and endorsed NGO’s Code of Conduct (COC) to guarantee the accountability and have clear transparency in transactions. We constantly look forward to make our effort on effective leadership and advocacy which is also the core of our social activities.   
Mission of Junkiri Nepal
1. Make continuous effort to reach at those rural village areas of Nepal where even government couldn’t reach out for children rights 
2. Make an effective contribution in health sector in collaboration with other health related NGOs. 
3. Open an orphanage for differently abled and vanished parent’s children for their education. 
Vision of Junkiri Nepal
Junkiri Nepal envisioned encouraging children health care and education in a society through strengthening our efforts at rural areas regardless their poor economic condition.


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